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McMaster Multimedia Link Collector

a collection of relevant and useful multimedia-related websites

Multimedia Link Collector
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Anybody , Moderated
** Welcome to the McMaster Multimedia Link Collector! **

The purpose of this community is to collect links to websites that are relevant and/or helpful to students of the McMaster Multimedia program as well as anyone else who is interested in multimedia. Membership is open to anyone but there are rules to be followed for anyone posting an entry or replying to an entry.

Posting Rules

1. The entry must contain both a URL and a brief description of what is on the website being linked. It is a good idea to tell people why you feel the link is important and whether the link is useful for a certain group of people within multimedia (ie Flash users or PHP programmers, etc)
2. All entries must include relevant tags to assist in the organization of the Link Collector.
3. Any entries linking to a website with the intention to be disrespectful, hateful or encourage flaming/harrassment of the website will be deleted and the poster will be issued a warning.

Replying Rules

1. All members are required to be respectful and polite. For now, anonymous posting is allowed so that people without Livejournal accounts may reply to entries (posting an entry requires a Livejournal account - they are free to sign up for) but if this is abused, anonymous posting will be turned off.

Any infractions of these rules will result in a warning from sunhawk. After a third warning, the user will be banned from this community.

How to Post a Link Collector Entry

1. A Livejournal account is required to post an entry, you can register for an account here.
2. Those who do not wish to register an account can email sunhawk (hawklion at hotmail dot com) with their link and brief description and it will be posted if it is relevant to multimedia.
3. Login in to your Livejournal account.
4. You must join the McMaster MMedia Link Collector community, which may be done by clicking this link.
5. Go to the Update Journal page and choose "mmlinkcollector" from the pop-up list at the bottom of the page where it says "Post to:"
6. Fill out the Subject, Entry areas and remember to put keywords into the Tags area below the Entry area, making sure to remember a comma and space after each keyword (ie "graphics, programming, Adobe")
7. Press the Update Journal button.
8. The entry will be sent to the Moderator Queue and once it is approved, it will appear in the Link Collector main page

All links featured here are mirrored from our sister site:

Any questions or concerns - hawklion at hotmail dot com
Your friendly maintainer,